Hi! Here’s the scoop-

Formula + results driven.

Our #1 ingredient rule: no nasties or fillers. If it doesn’t help the skin, it’s out. Instead of using one or two buzzword ingredients at low percentages that do next to nothing, we opted to pack our products with a variety of good-for-your-skin ingredients at percentages that positively impact the overall health of your skin. Skin is complex and our products target several different concerns in one go. They hydrate, purify, provide antioxidant benefits, smooth, and more for maximum benefits.

One of our main goals has always been to amp up the benefits you receive to make it worth your $$. 

We are more than just skincare.

Complex is a movement toward caring more about what goes on our skin and caring less about how we fit into society’s standards. It’s about embracing ourself, the things that make us complex and unique, and taking care of ourself inside and out.

You spend so much energy hustling and trying to please others. It’s time to chill and spend a little stress-free quality time with yourself. 

Women founded. Women owned. Self funded. 

3 girl friends with a few dollars and a dream.

We are a woman founded, owned, and funded brand—something we pride ourselves on. Instead of relying on investors, we decided to do it the hard way to keep our brand and vision 100% ours. We're three best friends trying to change the way skincare has traditionally been— overpriced, full of cheap fillers with 1 or 2 buzzword ingredients at the bottom of the ingredient list with no real benefits — while indulging in some self care and wearing a face mask (or two).